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10% of all pack sales are directly added to the prizepool of Gods Unchained first World Championship Tournament.

Gods Unchained is a great game and it deserves an outstanding competitive scene.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the current prize pool for the Gods Unchained Tournament?

The current prizepool is $235,814.00 USD.

When does the Gods Unchained tournament take place?

The date is still to be defined. But it's likely that the tournament is gonna happen right after game launch, somewhere in Q4 2019.

Where does the Gods Unchained tournament take place?

Most likely, the first Gods Unchained tournament will take place online ;)

How is the prize pool for the Gods Unchained Tournament composed?

The prize pool is composed of $100,000.00 USD that have been seeded initially, and since then, 10% of all card pack sales have been added on top.

How many Gods Unchained tournament tickets are there?

There are 20,000 tickets in total, but all of them have been sold out since July 26th 2018. On you'll find some of the last available tournament tickets.

Can I enter the Gods Unchained tournament more than once?

There will be a limit of one entry per Ethereum address.

Why can't I buy more than one ticket on

We want to sell tournament tickets to players and tournament participants, not to traders. That's why we limit the available tickets to one per etherum address.

How to prepare for the Gods Unchained tournament?

Register on Apollo, download the game client, install Gods Unchained, buy some card packs, start building the first decks and start playing the game.

How do I get a Gods Unchained Tournament Ticket?

Visit and buy a Gods Unchained tournament ticket.

Will there be more tickets available for the Gods Unchained Tournament?

Unlikely, as all of them sold since July 26th 2018 and everybody wants to participate already just for the remarkable prizepool.

Is the price for Gods Unchained Tournament Tickets expected to go up?

Yes, very likely. As there are only 20'000 total tickets in circulation and all of them have been initially sold out July 26th 2018.