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Buy and sell Raffle Coins to participate in the draw for Gods Unchained 4th Mythic.

Need some extra coins?
Need more coins, but no time to play the game or not good enough? As Raffle Coins are only provided on a per won-game base, this is your opportunity to get Raffle Coins for ETH.
Turn your game rewards into cash
Played too much, or are you just too good? You want to sell some of your Raffle Coins for ETH. List them now and you will receive the ETH once somebody bought them for the listed price.

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Send me a browser notification and open a purchase dialog immediately when the price drops down to or below this value:
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avg. Purchase Price

0.000016 ETH

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0.000014 ETH

Highest Purchase Price

0.000018 ETH

avg. Listing Price

0.000021 ETH

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Pass your coins to Tyche
And see what fate holds for you.
Redeem your coins for various prizes, trinkets and the chance to receive Gods Unchained 4th Mythic, Tethys.
See all the other prizes: Here
At the start of the game, add 10 Blue Whales to both players' decks.
The 4th Mythic
One lucky raffle participant will receive Gods Unchained 4th Mythic: Tethys.
On October 24th a draw will be held to award the winner of Tethys, the final mythic card of the Genesis season.